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Deliveroo just unveiled its first Food Market in Singapore – here’s what ordering at the ‘futuristic’ dining space is like

You don't have to interact with humans at Deliveroo's new restaurant in Singapore.

The CEO of $2 billion startup Deliveroo backs a new ‘unicorn visa’ to hire talent after Brexit

A unicorn visa would allow fast-growing businesses an easier way to hire foreign talent after Brexit, according to Deliveroo CEO Will Shu.

This Valentine’s, Deliveroo and KFC will send your sweetheart fried chicken in a heart-shaped box – personalised with your love letter

There's nothing more romantic than two lovebirds eating fried chicken at home.

After feasting on fried chicken and pizza in December, Deliveroo says Singapore customers spent January munching on salads

The top 3 orders in Dec were burgers, pizza, fried chicken. But in January, they were salad bowls, soup noodles and salmon wraps.
Just Eat's CEO is stepping down.

Takeaway firm Just Eat lost its CEO after only 16 months

Just Eat CEO Peter Plumb's position will be temporarily filled by chief customer officer Peter Duffy.

$2 billion takeaway startup Deliveroo lost its CTO, chief people officer, and chief legal officer in a big reshuffle

Deliveroo, which is thought to be coveted by Uber, has had a big executive reshuffle.
Uber is reportedly in talks to buy British startup Deliveroo.

The $2 billion food delivery firm coveted by Uber just opened its first brick-and-mortar restaurant

The 'Deliveroo Food Market' will cater both to online orders and in-store customers.

Deliveroo will permanently remove all shark fin dishes from its platform

Shark fin is officially off the menu for Deliveroo users.
Deliveroo CEO Will Shu and Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi.

Uber’s plan to buy UK delivery giant Deliveroo has stalled, with the 2 sides said to be ‘miles apart’ on valuation

Uber's plan to buy Deliveroo, a direct competitor with its Uber Eats delivery service, was first reported in September.

Deliveroo will offer cheap food from 2,000 hawkers by the end of next year – and you can order from more than one stall

Cheap prices, free delivery, and customers can choose dishes from multiple stalls.