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Dell is about to be public again, but its CEO says there are no plans to merge with VMware

In a conversation with CNBC, Michael Dell said the publicly traded company VMware will remain independent from Dell Technologies for the foreseeable future.

We spent 2 days at the PGA Tour’s Dell Match Play event in Austin to see why everybody loves it so much

Since moving to Austin, it has quickly become one of the most loved events on the tour.
Alexa Dell.

The 24-year-old billionaire heiress to the Dell fortune explains why Silicon Valley is over

Alexa Dell, the daughter of tech billionaire Michael Dell, explains why she launched her career in tech in Los Angeles and not Silicon Valley.

VMware is slipping after reports it might buy Dell in a massive tech deal

The reverse merger would involve the smaller VMware taking over the larger Dell, which currently owns 80% of VMware.

Dell may sell itself in an unusual and massive deal that would let it go public again

Dell is considering a reverse merger with VMware that could allow Dell to go public.
Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell and Pivotal CEO Rob Mee discussed the future of tech in Sausalito, California on Monday.

Michael Dell doesn’t buy the hype about killer artificial intelligence and tech dystopias

The billionaire founder behind Dell Technologies thinks humanity will continue to benefit from technology.

Here are the companies that top the worldwide PC market today

HP and Dell are on the up. Everyone else? Not so much.

The Windows PC is cooler than it’s ever been before — here’s how Microsoft made it happen

Windows 10 PCs are cooler than they've ever been. Here's how Microsoft worked with PC manufacturers to help them get there.

What it’s like to use one of the world’s first 8K monitors

It sounds like it's so sharp that you have to see it to believe.