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The man who was the only passenger on his Delta flight left out a key detail: the plane had to turn around

Although he really was the only passenger on the Delta Connection plane, it never ended up taking off due to a mechanical problem.
The Delta Sky Club at JFK has an outdoor area called the Sky Deck.

4 credit cards that get you free or discounted access to Delta Sky Club airport lounges

Delta's two mainstream credit cards offer discounted access to Delta Sky Club lounges; its premium card offers free access whenever you fly Delta.

A man posted video of his ‘private jet’ experience when he was the only passenger on his Delta flight

Vincent Peone posted a video to Twitter showing what it was like to be the only passenger on his flight from Aspen, CO to Salt Lake City, UT.

A summer meltdown at New York’s LaGuardia Airport has travelers walking on the highway to get to their flights

A confluence of factors, including the "peak construction" phase of the airport's redesign project, have led to severe traffic and delays at LaGuardia

Having a Delta credit card gets you priority boarding every time you fly the airline — here’s what you need to know

If you have a Delta Amex, you will get zone 1 priority boarding when flying the airline. Include your Delta frequent-flyer number on the reservation.

US transportation officials just said Delta couldn’t ban pit bulls from coming aboard as service dogs

The statement prohibits airlines from banning service dogs based on breed, though it still allows them to determine if an individual animal is safe.

2 of Delta’s credit cards offer bonus Medallion Qualification Miles — the key to getting elite status

Delta frequent flyers can earn elite "Medallion" status, entitling them to special benefits and perks like first class upgrades and waived fees.

Gold, Platinum, or Reserve: We break down which Delta Amex credit card gets flyers the most value

A comparison of the three main Delta Amex credit cards — the Gold, Platinum, and Reserve.

Most people don’t realize this Delta credit card comes with an annual companion plane ticket — it can be an incredible value if you use it...

Here's how to use the Delta companion pass you get when you have the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Amex card.

I flew first-class in Delta’s 6-month-old A220, the plane Boeing tried to keep out of the US

The A220-100 is an impressive 109-seat plane with incredible range and comfort, serving the 100-seater market better than any regional jet.