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Michael Bloomberg in London, 2018.

Michael Bloomberg, former GOP mayor of NYC, announces he’s changing his voter registration to Democrat

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been a political independent since 2007, but said he has now registered as a Democrat on Wednesday. He has toyed with running for US president as an independent, and said on September 17 he could not run for president as a Republican.

Some Democrats see Michael Avenatti’s entry into the Brett Kavanaugh scandal as a ‘distraction’

Some Democrats see Michael Avenatti's involvement in the Brett Kavanaugh scandal as an unnecessary "distraction." "Do I think he's in it for the showbiz part? I hope not," one said. "It's too serious of a situation."

Poll shows Republican favorability peaking higher than Democrats before crucial midterm elections

45% of Americans have a favorable view of the Republican party according to a new Gallup poll, compared to 44% for Democrats. The last time the Republicans had a higher approval rating than the Democrats in the Gallup poll was November 2014. It may be a boost to Republicans in advance of midterms.

Democrats are starting to think Brett Kavanaugh is toast as Republicans anxiously dig in

"For my part, I believe that it’s very important that both Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh testify under oath about these allegations," Sen. Susan Collins told reporters on Monday. "And for my part I need to see them and listen to their answers to the questions in order to make an assessment."

Democrats in red states have started using guns in campaign ads

While Democrats are pushing for stricter gun control in record numbers across the United States, upstart candidates in more conservative regions are airing campaign ads featuring their exercise of the 2nd Amendment.

Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism now — and it could signify a major shift for the party

The poll also showed massive drops in favorability of capitalism for younger Americans. Capitalism has lost traction with Americans age 18-29, whose view of the economic system has fallen by 12 points since 2016 to 45 percent. At the same time, young American's views of socialism is at 51 percent.

‘I think the party has yearned for a fighter’: Michael Avenatti confirms he may run as a Democrat against Trump in 2020

Michael Avenatti, the feisty lawyer known to needle President Donald Trump on TV and social media, confirms he's thinking about challenging Trump as a Democrat in the 2020 presidential election.
Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday endorsed dozens of Democratic candidates for the 2018 midterms.

Obama announces his ‘first wave’ of 2018 midterm endorsements, and doesn’t include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday endorsed a "first wave" of Democratic candidates for the 2018 midterms. Obama's list of endorsements, which includes 81 names in total, notably did not include the rising star of the Democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.
Hillary Clinton at OZY Fest in Manhattan's Central Park.

Hillary Clinton calls Trump-Putin summit ‘deeply disturbing’ at NYC festival

Hillary Clinton described President Donald Trump's recent summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin as "alarming on many, many levels" while speaking at a music, politics, and food festival in New York City on Saturday.

The race for a key Democratic post just heated up

The fight to replace Rep. Joe Crowley as the next chair of the House Democratic Caucus got an extra boost on Tuesday, when California Rep. and current Vice Chair Linda Sánchez announced her intent to run for the spot.