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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats warn Trump not to use New York Times report as a ‘pretext’ for ‘corrupt’ firing of Rod Rosenstein

Democratic leadership is warning the president not to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein following a bombshell New York Times report on Friday. Rosenstein reportedly discussed wearing a wire to secretly record the president and using the 25th Amendment. He denied the report.

A solid majority of Massachusetts voters don’t want Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2020

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has for months topped lists of Democrats angling to challenge President Donald Trump the in 2020 election, but new polling has found that a solid majority of her constituents don't want her to seek the Democratic nomination.
President Barack Obama with Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2016.

‘His trial balloon went over like the Hindenburg’: Democrats are skeptical of Michael Bloomberg’s potential 2020 run

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul and former New York mayor, is seriously considering a run for the presidency in 2020 — as a centrist Democrat.

A top Democrat just laid out their plan to probe Trump if they win back control — including looking at his personal finances

"Also I think we want to focus on the integrity of the interests of the president in terms of what interests he has and is he pursuing policies that are in the public’s interest or in the Trump investment interest," House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said.

New polling shows disastrous warning signs for Republicans ahead of the midterm elections

New polling shows Democrats with 12 and 14-point leads over their Republican opponents in the midterm congressional elections. An NPR/Marist Poll found that 50% of registered voters would cast their ballots for Democrats and 38% would vote for Republicans if congressional elections were held then.

Democrats in red states have started using guns in campaign ads

While Democrats are pushing for stricter gun control in record numbers across the United States, upstart candidates in more conservative regions are airing campaign ads featuring their exercise of the 2nd Amendment.

Historic turnout in Delaware primary shows Democrats are fired up for the midterms

On a summer Thursday, with temperatures hovering in the 90s, more people voted in Delaware's primary elections than ever before in the state's history.
Delaware Sen. Tom Carper and former Vice President Joe Biden

Democrats are looking to Delaware for the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-style insurgent upset

Still high on Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum's unexpected gubernatorial primary win in Florida last week, activists on the left are ready for their next insurgent victory — this one against a longtime Democratic senator, Delaware's Tom Carper.
Former President Barack Obama will campaign for Democratic candidates in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

Obama is about to jump back into campaign mode

Barack Obama is jumping into the midterms, with plans to campaign for Democratic candidates in California, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.
Ayanna Pressley delivers her victory speech after winning a Democratic congressional primary in Massachusetts.

Democrat Ayanna Pressley scored a huge upset win in Massachusetts, becoming the latest progressive insurgent to topple the establishment

Democratic voters are ready for new leadership — at least in Massachusetts, where Ayanna Pressley scored a landslide victory over 10-term Rep. Michael Capuano, a progressive mainstay with deep establishment support.