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Dating apps have become a hotbed for scammers trying to trick investors into making risky trades

Australian regulators are cracking down on "contracts for difference," a risky derivative product that often leveraged 200 to 500 times.

Bernie Sanders wants to make Wall Street pay off the US’s $1.6 trillion in student debt

Sanders' new plan is an expansion of his 2016 student loan debt plan, which also included a financial transaction tax.
A single anonymous options trader could win big, or lose half a million dollars.

A mystery trader just made a massive bet on the S&P 500 that could lose $558 million if the market turns

The trade could make about $175 million, as long as the index doesn't drop more than 22% from Monday's closing level of 2,582 by December 18, 2020.
Traders and clerks shout orders on the floor just moments after the Fed announced interest rate news in the Eurodollar Futures Pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

‘Most people will be disappointed’: A top Wall Street headhunter throws cold water on the prospect of huge bonus increases for stock trade...

An industry compensation report said bonuses were expected to rise across finance, with equities professionals set to reap the largest increases over last year.
German, British and European Union flags fly in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany July 20, 2016.

The City of London has gained a powerful ally in the fight to keep a key business in the UK post-Brexit

The German financial regulatory authority, BaFin, has demanded that EU officials in Brussels take urgent action to prevent mayhem in the derivatives market after Brexit.
Bad news for the City of London?

Deutsche Bank is shifting business out of London — and it hints at a troubling post-Brexit future for a $1 trillion industry

Eurozone financial bigwigs have consistently argued that euro clearing should take place within the euro area, and Britain has repeatedly had to defend its right to clear trades.
Banks are having another strong quarter in equities.

Equity traders are crushing it as big banks celebrate a huge six months

Wall Street banks are reporting strong equities trading revenues — and derivatives traders continue to lead the way.

A $38 trillion financial crunch is looming on the horizon — and it could hit early next year

The UK's central bank used its latest Financial Stability Report — which looks at the risks to the safety of the UK economy and the global financial system — to warn that Britain's impending exit from the European Union could have a huge impact on the derivative markets.

Exchange giant CME has approached $2.5 billion electronic trading firm NEX Group about an acquisition

CME Group, the Chicago-based derivatives trading giant, has approached UK trading technology firm NEX Group over a potential acquisition.