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Golden Goose sneakers are a status symbol at USC.

A $500 pair of sneakers is one of the latest status symbols at USC frat parties, and it highlights the massive wealth divide among students

Golden Goose sneakers are the latest trend among USC fraternities and sororities, highlighting the wealth gap on campus.
Balenciaga Triple S sneakers retail for around $900.

From Converse to Air Jordans, sneakers have been a status symbol for decades — but millennials are redefining what that means in 3 major ways

Expensive shoes are the new status symbol, and sneakers are at the forefront thanks to millennials' desire for comfort and athleisure.
Gucci is one of today's leading luxury brands.

There are 2 parts of the year that are the best time to score deals on designer goods, according to a CMO who works with 12,000 luxury brands

There are two periods during the year that are the best time to buy designer, says Krystle Craycraft, CMO of online fashion assistant ModeSens.
Handbags on display at Gucci's boutique in Downtown Manhattan.

Gucci has become hugely popular with teens and millennials. We visited a store and saw why they love it despite the high price tags.

Young shoppers are obsessed with Gucci, ranking it in their top 10 favorite apparel brands. We went to a Gucci store to see why it is so popular with teens and millennials.
Designer labels apparently send Millie-Belle Diamond free clothes, bags, and shoes and pay her up to AUD $250 to post a photo of her wearing them.

This 3-year-old Instagram star has a £2,800 cubby house complete with a grand piano, flat screen TV, and crystal chandelier — take a look i...

Millie-Belle Diamond, the proud owner of "Palace MBD," also apparently gets paid up to AUD $250 a post to share photos of herself wearing designer clothes.

‘I was the one who was truly out of touch’: Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton apologizes for controversial Instagram post

Louise Linton, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's wife, apologized for her widely condemned Instagram post last month in which she belittled a critic.