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Hokkaido’s popular Naganuma Ice just opened a second shop in Singapore, adding freshly-baked cream puffs to the menu

Perfect for fans of Hokkaido milk. But you'll have to battle it out with the Donki crowd.
Me, in doughnut heaven.

22 fried desserts from around the world that you need to try

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Nutella's red and white label inspire much of the cafe's decor.

What it’s like inside the new Nutella Cafe, where the menu and decor revolve entirely around the chocolate hazelnut spread

INSIDER got a sneak peak of the cafe ahead of its opening in New York City, and tried some of its menu items including a Nutella gelato push pop.
The whoopie pie is a favorite in the Northeast.

15 of the best regional desserts in the US

From the coasts of Southern California to the tip of Maine, every region across America has a dessert or two for which its known for.

We tried Chipotle’s first ever dessert — here’s the verdict

Chipotle is testing a dessert item for their menu — but is it enough to steady the uncertainty surrounding the chain?

Here’s how many calories are in your favorite holiday treats

We ranked holiday treats from "healthiest" to least healthy.