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"I want people to eat and chew their food and get all the benefits," a dietitian told Insider.

3 ‘health’ products that are a waste of money, according to dietitians

Probiotics are expensive and typically useless, while alkaline water likely doesn't have more health benefits than tap water, experts say.
There are a lot of reasons social media can have a negative impact on teen's mental health.

Instagram will restrict weight-loss and detox posts, but nutritionists say it’s only one step in protecting teens from body image issues

The social media giant's policy was applauded by body positivity advocates and nutritionists, but parents and peers need to take responsibility too.

14 of the biggest myths about nutrition and dieting, debunked

Juice cleanses, low-fat diets, and more nutrition myths that do more harm than good.
Diets or products that promise to "detox" your liver

Here’s why you shouldn’t try to ‘detox’ your liver with diets or pills in the new year

Plenty of diets and supplements promise to detoxify the liver and the body as a whole. But your body is already detoxing on its own, experts say.
Thinking of trying a cleanse? Here's why you shouldn't.

4 simple reasons you should never do a cleanse

Cleanses are perceived as healthy and virtuous, but dietitians think they are ultimately pointless. Here's why you shouldn't try to cleanse anytime soon.

Detoxing is the health ‘resolution’ you should avoid this year

Doing a cleanse or detox wastes your money and can put you at risk for health problems.

I tried the £55-a-day juice fast from the company loved by Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow — here’s what happened

Perhaps the most striking of its claims is that most people lose five to six pounds within days on the detox.

Celebrities have made these 11 diets go viral — here are the ones that actually work

Taylor Swift swears by chia seeds. Reese Witherspoon eats baby food. Tim McGraw eats like a caveman.

7 terrible health tips from Gwyneth Paltrow

Goop is riddled with recommendations that aren't backed up by evidence.