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DeAngelo Martin, 34, is being investigated for multiple homicides.

A woman says she escaped a suspected serial killer in Detroit by stabbing him with a box cutter and diving out a window

Authorities had warned residents in June that a possible serial killer and rapist in Detroit was targeting sex workers in their 50s.
Sen. Bernie Sanders during the first round of the second 2020 Democratic debate in Detroit, Michigan.

Bernie Sanders touted his anti-NRA credentials at the Democratic debate, but his actual legislative record is more complicated

Bernie Sanders' votes on major pieces of gun legislation include one against 1993's Brady Bill, which imposed a waiting period and background checks.
Democratic candidates at the first night of the second 2020 Democratic presidential debate in Detroit, Michigan, on July 30, 2019.

12 biggest takeaways from the first of two 2020 Democratic presidential debates in Detroit

The first of two 2020 Democratic debates in Detroit highlighted just how divided candidates are on big issues like healthcare and immigration.
Democratic candidates at the first night of the second 2020 Democratic presidential debate in Detroit, Michigan, on July 30, 2019.

A fight among candidates on the debate stage revealed Democrats are more divided on immigration than it might seem

"If you want to come into this country, you should at least ring the doorbell," Rep. Tim Ryan said in a rebuke of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Detroit, Michigan, is one of several cities that is incentivizing new residents to move there.

9 US cities that are paying people thousands of dollars to move there

To lure out-of-state workers, some American cities are offering new residents big incentives to move there.
An auction home in Detroit with a starting bid of $1,000.

Run-down and vacant homes in Detroit are being auctioned off for as little as $1,000. All homeowners have to do is get them into livable condition in ...

There are no hidden fees, no credit checks, and all the title work is done before the home is listed. But you'll have six months to renovate it.

Detroit police are warning of a possible serial killer after 3 women were found murdered in vacant homes

Police Chief James Craig told reporters at a press conference that three recent murders bore striking similarities.
Yes, that is a snake.

An 18-foot-long snake escaped captivity and climbed onto a roof, scaring neighbors

An 18-foot-long python got loose in Detroit on Thursday. The snake, Juliet, spooked neighbors, but her owner is grateful to have her back home.
Cloud Gate, commonly called The Bean, in Chicago, Illinois.

20 photos that will make you wish you lived in the Midwest

From The Bean to the Flint Hills to Paisley Park, there's really nowhere quite like the Midwest. Here are 20 photos to prove it.
Gary Steele, right, was fired from the Detroit Police this week after filming a racially insensitive Snapchat video, according to Police Chief James Craig.

A police officer was fired after reportedly posting a ‘racially insensitive’ Snapchat video of a black woman walking home alone in the sno...

Detroit Police Chief James Craig held a news conference on Wednesday, announcing the firing of former cop Gary Steele.