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The pound's performance so far in 2018.

Two drivers mean that the pound is set for a blockbuster finish to 2018

Markets are enamoured by the softest Brexit possible, so Theresa May's Chequers agreement and the subsequent white paper on her Brexit position are music to their ears.
Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing.

Deutsche Bank shares spike after report says JPMorgan could be interested in a stake — but the bank is denying it

Deutsche Bank shares spiked after reports JPMorgan could be interested — but the bank is denying it
A man walks near a logo of Deutsche Bank AG in Tokyo July 16, 2014.

REPORT: Deutsche Bank lost 12 times more than it thought was possible in one day of trading

Traders at Deutsche Bank’s US unit suffered losses 12 times larger than its risk projections estimate could occur in one day.
A beer in Dublin, Ireland, the home of Guinness, costs about $7.

How much it costs to grab a pint of beer around the world

The price of beer in cities around the world ranges from $1.50 in Manila, Philippines, to $12.00 in Dubai, according to Deutsche Bank's latest research on cost of living. Find out how much it costs in other cities like New York, Tokyo, and Sydney.
Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing.

Deutsche Bank CEO tells staff he’s ‘sick and tired’ of bad news

S&P Global downgraded Deutsche Bank's credit rating on Friday and the bank is also set to face cartel charges in Australia. It comes 24-hours after news broke that Deutsche Bank's US operations have been put on watchlists by regulators, which have deemed it "troubled."

The 16 most expensive cities in the world for commuting to work

These 16 cities are the most expensive for commuters. If you hate spending too much to ride the subway or bus, avoid living in London, Dublin, or Auckland, New Zealand.

Deutsche Bank plummets as Italy crisis rocks global banks

The main driver of Deutsche's falling share price is thought to be the news that Italy is likely to hold a fresh round of elections later in 2018, which has fueled speculation that Italy could be moving toward an exit from the eurozone.
A statue is pictured in front of the former head quarters of Germany's largest business bank, Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, January 28, 2013.

110,000 students applied for jobs at Deutsche Bank despite management changes and cuts

The numbers, up 20% in a year, show conditions at DB have not dampened ambition among millennial students to win a graduate place at the bank even in light of its recent problems and 7,000 job cuts.

The 28 major global cities where workers have the highest salaries — earning more than $2,000 a month

Broadly speaking, the cities that rank highly are in the northern hemisphere in developed Western economies, but southern-hemisphere powerhouses like Australia and New Zealand also feature.
Life is good Down Under.

33 cities around the world where healthcare is good, housing is affordable, and people have the best quality of life

Some of the best quality of life can be found in Australia and New Zealand. Deutsche Bank released a quality of life index for 50 cities with global economies by compiling numerous measures, including overall quality of healthcare, cost of consumer goods, and housing affordability.