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A diet ranked one of the best for overall health by experts may have an additional health benefit for older adults — here’s how to try it

Researchers found that the DASH diet was linked to a lower rate of depression in older adults compared to those who didn't adhere to the diet.

The two best diets for your overall health, according to nutrition experts

The Mediterranean and DASH diets differ a bit in their approaches to healthy eating, but both have a strong emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Detoxing is the health ‘resolution’ you should avoid this year

Doing a cleanse or detox wastes your money and can put you at risk for health problems.

7 health benefits of Silicon Valley’s favorite diet — a high-fat fad that has techies eating bacon and butter

The ketogenic or "keto" diet encourages eating lots of fat and restricts carbohydrates.
An "authentic" Mediterranean diet, which includes a cauliflower pizza base, may not be as healthy as it seems.

These 5 celebrity diets were just ripped to shreds by a top authority

The BDA released a list of celebrity diets to be avoided in the year ahead. Whether raw vegan or ketogenic, these diets do more harm than good.

5 easy tricks a dietitian uses to stick to her diet when eating out

We spoke to Whitney Stuart, a registered dietitian from Whitness Nutrition, about how to eat healthy at restaurants.

Weight Watchers’ new — and surprisingly effective — points system doesn’t take into account how much weight you want to lose

That's actually a good thing, though. The company's Chief Scientific Officer explained to Business Insider how SmartPoints are calculated.

A psychologist says parents of healthy kids have these 10 things in common

Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair identifies key things many parents get wrong in helping their kids learn healthy eating, and suggests ways to change them.

I went on the Subway Diet for a week — and it’s clear why the chain is no longer America’s destination for healthy fast food

Subway has gone from the king of healthy fast food to a depressing punchline. But are the sandwiches to blame?

What the science says about every popular diet

From the Alkaline diet to Whole30 and Weight Watchers, here are the pros and cons of 15 popular diets, and whether they can help you lose weight.