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This clever $35 iPhone case has a scroll wheel with six built-in lenses — and it turns your phone camera into a Swiss-army knife for taking pict...

The Ztylus Revolver M Series case has a revolving wheel on the back with three pairs of lenses inside, giving you more options when it comes to mobile photography.

The iPhone was the camera of choice in 2017, but standalone cameras still have a loyal following

Half of the photos uploaded onto Flickr in 2017 were captured by smartphone cameras.

Here’s how thoroughly the smartphone has annihilated other gadgets

The modern smartphone has made lots of old tech very obsolete.

The latest iPhones are very bad news for digital cameras

Apple thinks it's equipped the latest iPhones with its best cameras yet, and that should worry the digital camera industry.

The iPhone 6S has the best front-facing camera I’ve ever used on a smartphone

The Retina Flash on the iPhone 6S is a game changer for smartphone photography.