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One Medical rings the bell at the NASDAQ the day of its initial public offering.

Buzzy primary-care company One Medical surged to a $2.7 billion valuation to cap off its first day of trading

One Medical had its first day of trading on Friday under the ticker ONEM. One Medical was founded on the idea of making it easier to get medical care.

We’re hiring a Senior Research Analyst to lead our Digital Health team at Business Insider Intelligence

Business Insider Intelligence is hiring a Senior Analyst to lead our Digital Health team and be the go-to expert in this rapidly transforming sector of healthcare.

Dispensed: A big week for digital health IPOs, what happens when a $2.1 million drug can’t get to the kids who need it, and what a top health-te...

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Livongo CEO Zane Burke, executive chairman Glen Tullman, and CFO Lee Shapiro at the company's IPO.

Buzzy digital health startup Livongo surged in its stock market debut as the 3-year digital health IPO drought comes to an end

Livongo, which uses technology to take care of people with diabetes, started trading on Thursday as part of a wave of digital health IPOs.

Dispensed: Pharma’s next big megamerger, a string of healthcare IPOs, and why the CEO of Clover Health regrets setting up shop in Silicon Valley...

Welcome to Dispensed, our weekly dispatch of healthcare, biotech, and pharma news from Business Insider.

An impending surprise billing policy may drive hospital consolidation

If Congress' surprise bill slashing proposals pass, providers that treat a higher volume of out-of-network patients will take the biggest hit.

Teladoc has unleashed the first-ever virtual care patient safety organization

US virtual care company Teladoc established the healthcare industry's first patient safety organization (PSO) that deals solely with virtual care.

E-cig company Juul is diving further into health with an app geared toward turning smokers into Juulers

Eager to show that its e-cigarettes can help adult smokers, Juul is pushing into healthcare. It's planning an app aimed at smokers switching to vaping
Juul wants to show that its e-cigarettes could help smokers quit.

E-cig company Juul is considering creating a digital health tool for smokers who want to quit

In addition to its e-cigs, Juul could offer smokers an app or similar tool that they could use for support while they try to cut back on smoking.

A Silicon Valley startup just launched a DNA-based health test that could be a big competitor to 23andMe

A new genetic test looks at your risk of diseases like cancer and high cholesterol. Unlike 23andMe's test, it includes genetic counseling and full sequencing.