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Former Trump official Dina Powell has helped put Goldman Sachs in the running for a role in Saudi Aramco’s IPO

The former deputy national security adviser is reportedly part of the team trying to seal the deal for the bank.

How Goldman Sachs’ Dina Powell became a top contender to replace Nikki Haley at the UN

Dina Powell was the highest ranking Arab-American in the Bush administration. After making millions on Wall Street, she briefly served in the Trump administration, and now she's rumored to replace outgoing ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.
Dina Powell.

Meet Dina Powell, Trump’s likely replacement for Nikki Haley at the UN

White House officials told Axios they believe Dina Powell will be the next UN ambassador should she want the job. Powell is a former Trump administration official and a member of Goldman Sachs' management committee. Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that she will step down at the end of the year.
Dina Powell.

One of Trump’s top national security officials is leaving the White House

One of the Trump administration's top national security officials is leaving the White House, The Washington Post reported Friday.

Here’s Trump the moment he found out the AHCA passed the House

Trump sat a a White House table surrounded by some of his top aides as he watched the returns come in on the American Health Care Act's House vote.