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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ director Rian Johnson taunted a campaign to remake the movie

A campaign to remake "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" was heavily mocked on Twitter on Thursday, and the film's director, Rian Johnson, joined in. The campaign, which has a Twitter account and website, claims to comprise a "team of producers" that will cover the budget of remaking the film.

As ‘Solo’ bombs at the box office, future ‘Star Wars’ standalone movies for characters like Boba Fett and Obi-Wan are reported...

Collider reported Wednesday that future "Star Wars" standalone movies focusing on Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi are being put on hold to focus on "Episode IX" and the next trilogy of films.

IT’S A BIDDING WAR: Disney boosts its offer for 21st Century Fox assets to $71. 3 billion

Disney has raised its offer for 21st Century Fox assets. The new offer is worth $38 a share for a total of $71.3 billion in cash and stock.
"Incredibles 2."

Every Pixar movie, ranked from worst to best

The movies from the acclaimed Pixar studio are ingrained in our minds, but which one is the best? We ranked them all for the release of "Incredibles 2."

Nintendo and Disney are teaming up on a contest dedicated to the Nintendo Switch

The biggest video game company in the world is teaming up with the biggest entertainment company in the world to create a televised contest based on the Nintendo Switch.
"Incredibles 2."

‘Incredibles 2’ earns the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated movie with $180 million

Pixar opens "Incredibles 2" to a record-breaking opening weekend at the box office 14 years after the release of the original movie. To say audiences were looking forward to a sequel would be putting it lightly.
"Incredibles 2."

‘Incredibles 2’ is on pace to beat the opening weekend box-office record for an animated movie, currently held by ‘Finding Dory̵...

With a record-breaking $18.5 million at Thursday night previews, "Incredibles 2" is set to score the highest-grossing opening weekend at the box office ever for an animated movie.

People are accusing Disney of censoring a kiss between two female video game characters

During an E3 livestream hosted by Disney, the screen cut out right as two female characters began to kiss. Disney claims the censoring was in anticipation of a gory scene that occurs immediately after the kiss in question.
Keira Knightley in "The Phantom Menace" (1999).

28 stars you didn’t know were in the ‘Star Wars’ movies

Over the past 40 years, many famous actors have appeared in "Star Wars" movies, and some of their roles were so quick that you probably missed them.

Director Ron Howard feels bad that ‘Star Wars’ fans might be skipping ‘Solo’ because they’re still angry about ‘Th...

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" director Ron Howard responded to the movie's poor box office on Twitter, saying he feels bad that fans might not be seeing the movie out of protest because they are still upset over "The Last Jedi."