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A staff works at a N95 mask production workshop of the Naton Medical Group in Beijing, capital of China, March 11, 2020.

Healthcare workers are reusing the very few face masks they have left — and they’re begging the government to give them the protective equ...

Healthcare workers are tagging politicians in the #GetMePPE hashtag with examples of their scanty supplies. Five shared their experiences with us.
Dr. Craig Spencer.

An ER doctor who survived Ebola shares the harrowing reality of the coronavirus pandemic and levels a stark warning

Dr. Craig Spencer, who's cared for Ebola patients and survived the disease himself, works at an ER in NYC. He explains why he fears the COVID-19 virus.
Healthcare workers must wear protective gear when dealing with patients with an infectious disease.

A 3D printer company is creating medical face shields for doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus — here’s how it works

As hospitals struggle to stock face masks, a 3D-printing business is making hundreds of protective face shields for healthcare workers.
A nurse holds a completed coronavirus test.

A Melbourne doctor treated 70 patients even after feeling sick on a plane ride home. Now he’s been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

A Melbourne doctor attended a conference in the US and returned with flu-like symptoms. He continued to go to work until he was diagnosed.
Sitting in a steamy room can help easy congestion from a cold.

Can you sweat out a cold? No, it could actually make you more sick

Sweat dehydrates you, which is the opposite of what your body needs when you're trying to get over an illness like the cold or flu.
Chinese doctor Peng Yinhua delayed his wedding to help treat patients infected by the coronavirus. His fiancée's face has been blurred to protect her privacy.

The coronavirus just killed a 29-year-old doctor who postponed his wedding to fight the disease

A Chinese news agency said Peng Yinhua, a doctor who delayed his wedding to fight the coronavirus, never even sent out his wedding invitations.
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.

An offensive lineman on the Super Bowl-bound Kansas City Chiefs used his off-seasons to become a doctor

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif earned his medical degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, in 2018.

25% of cancers diagnosed in Singapore are rare cancers – and young people are more likely to have them

Doctors do not fully understand why rare cancers tend to inflict teens and young adults, but it is likely a combination of both complex genetic and environmental factors, Dr Chan from NCCS says.
My symptoms started to kick in while I was on holiday in Greece.

What it’s really like to have Lyme disease, an illness that’s difficult to diagnose and can take years to recover from

Lyme disease has a huge range of symptoms including fever, mood changes, joint and nerve pain, and severe fatigue.
Maia Emmons-Boring.

A woman says she found out her mother’s gynecologist used his own sperm to conceive her after submitting DNA to Ancestry.com

A woman in Texas has filed a lawsuit against a Colorado gynecologist accusing him of using his own sperm to artificially inseminate several women — including her own mother.