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9 surprising jobs where you make more money than a doctor but don’t need a college degree

From self-taught IT manager to bodyguard, there are some surprising jobs where you can make $200,000 or more — no college education necessary.

Dispensed: A record-breaking approval, what it’s like to work in healthcare, and a call for nominations

Welcome to Dispensed, our weekly dispatch of healthcare, biotech, and pharma news from Business Insider.
You should see the eye doctor fairly often.

How often you should be going to 8 different types of doctors

It can be difficult to know exactly how often you should be going to different types of doctors and medical specialists. We broke it down.
Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is a leading proponent of the discredited conspiracy theory that vaccines are related to autism. He practices medicine at the Northport Wellness Center (right) in Suffolk County, New York.

This New York doctor has been publicly urging parents not to vaccinate their children in the midst of a measles outbreak. Why is he still allowed to p...

A New York pediatrician has opposed vaccines for more than a decade, but continues to practice medicine.
Burnout results in "increased mental distance from one's job" and "reduced professional efficacy."

Burnout is now officially recognized as a medical condition. Here are the symptoms you should know about.

The World Health Organization has classified burnout as a "syndrome," medically legitimizing it for the first time.

Doctors are burning out twice as fast as other workers. The problem is costing the US $4.6 billion each year.

Doctors who experience burnout may quit their jobs or work fewer hours. That costs the US healthcare system billions.

How much money 11 types of doctors actually make

We used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compare the average annual salaries associated with 11 occupations for medical doctors.
There is still a big gender gap in medicine.

6 maps that show how far doctors have to go to close the gender pay gap

The gender gap is unfortunately alive and well in the field of medicine.
A report says 700 women die giving birth each year in the United States.

There has been a disturbing rise in the maternal death rate in the US, and experts say it’s the most dangerous developed country to give birth i...

700 women die each year in the US and another 50,000 are severely injured during childbirth. This is reportedly due to hospitals ignoring simple procedures and preterm births.
A surgeon has been fined $3,000 for removing a woman's kidney.

A surgeon has been fined $3,000 for removing a woman’s kidney because he believed it was a tumor

Ramon Vazquez removed a woman's healthy kidney without her consent because he believed it was a cancerous tumor. He has been fined.