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Frida, a female Chihuahua, was mayor of San Francisco for a day in 2014.

Reliable, friendly, and masters of one-way communication: Meet the dog mayors of America

Some small towns across the US have looked for leadership in dogs instead of people. Here are the country's great dog leaders.
Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Porky Basquiat when he was a puppy.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s dog stole the show at their wedding by wearing a tiny tuxedo complete with bow-tie

The furry groomsman was identified as Porky Basquiat Jonas, an Alaskan Klee Kai which Turner and Jonas adopted together.
Kirby works at a hospital and helps patients.

9 dogs with very important jobs

Not all dogs lounge around and snuggle — these nine pups range from mayors to rescue dogs. Would you live in a town with a canine mayor?
Scamp The Tramp is seen on stage after being announced the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog Competition.

Meet Scamp the Tramp, the World’s Ugliest Dog

On Friday, Scamp the Tramp, a former stray, took home the crown at the competition, which was held in Petaluma, California.
Puppy therapy in Bali.

A hotel in Bali provides puppies for guests to play with by the pool and the $22 a night price includes free yoga

Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel in Ubud also organises BBQs, traditional Balinese dance performances, and movie nights for guests.
Albabara's "Dog Life Jacket" will turn your pup into a colorful, glittering mermaid when they take a dip in the pool, lake, or ocean.

Amazon is selling a life jacket for dogs that makes them look like mermaids when they swim

Albabara's Dog Life Jacket is available on Amazon for $22.99 to $26.99, depending on which size you order.
"It couldn't have been more perfect," Burky said.

A bride helped shelter dogs find a home by having her bridesmaids walk the pups down the aisle at her wedding

In addition to helping raise money for the shelter, four of the five dogs who participated in the wedding have been adopted.
Sometimes there's nothing a vet can do.

A woman said she put her boyfriend’s dog down without telling him first, so he asked her to move out

She said her boyfriend was away at a bachelor party when the dog was attacked and that doctors said the damage was "irreparable."

A healthy dog was euthanized because the dog’s owner wanted to be buried with her

Staff at the shelter tried to talk the executor of the woman's estate out of killing the dog, but their request was refused.

A movie theater in Texas allows you to bring your dog, and the $15 ticket includes bottomless wine

The theater's slogan is "because movies and puppies, duh."