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Flamin' Hot Doritos are now a thing.

Doritos just released a spicy chip inspired by Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Frito-Lay announced this week that it was releasing Flamin' Hot Doritos, a snack that would combine classic Doritos with a Flamin' Hot flavor.
Officers used Doritos to lure an escaped pig back into its pen on Saturday.

Cops in California lured an escaped pig back to its pen with a bag of Doritos

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputies helped corral an escaped pig back into its pen on Saturday with a bag of Doritos that an officer had packed for lunch.

The company behind America’s favorite hummus has funded an under-the-radar effort to make lab-grown steak

Aleph Farms is a Strauss Group-funded Israeli-based company that's out to make cuts of clean meat — not ground beef or patties — using the principles of regenerative medicine. Beef producers should take note.

A food scientist explains how Doritos are engineered to be the perfect snack

It's not just about dusty orange fingers — Doritos are super addicting thanks to powerful flavor enhancers, mouthwatering compounds, and more.
Women don't like to lick their fingers as generously as men when eating chips, PepsiCo's CEO says.

Doritos says it’s making crunch-free chips just for women — and people are furious

The company is looking at ways to develop women-friendly chips that do not leave flavor residue on fingers and have a less audible crunch.
Fans are going crazy for Pepsi Co's Doritos/Mountain Dew commercial.

All the ads that ran during the Super Bowl, in order

Super Bowl commercials included ads from Doritos, Bud Light, and Wendy's.
Doritos and Mountain Dew go head to head in Pepsi Co's Super Bowl ad.

People are going crazy over Doritos’ hilarious Super Bowl commercial — and it’s even more brilliant than you realize

Doritos' Super Bowl commercial has more than 10 million views online. The ad is part of a smart strategy for the company.
Women don't like to lick their fingers as generously as men when eating chips, PepsiCo's CEO says.

CEO of Doritos parent company says it’s solving one of women’s least favorite things about eating the chips

The new Frito-Lay snacks will be designed and packaged differently for women, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said.

Everyone should cook with MSG, says food scientist

"I like to encourage my kids to eat a little healthier, so I'll sprinkle a little 'supersalt' in there. That stuff is really powerful."

Doritos tells us why it has had enough of its ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ contest

Why does Super Bowl 50 mark the last ever contest? Business insider spoke to Frito-Lay CMO Ram Krishnan to find out.