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The latest internet craze includes dancing alongside moving cars — and, surprise, people are getting badly hurt

The #InMyFeelings challenge is inspiring people to dance to a Drake song alongside moving cars, and police aren't happy about it.

DeMar DeRozan says that Drake consoled him after being suddenly traded from the Raptors

When DeMar DeRozan needed to be cheered up following his trade to the Spurs, he went to Raptors ambassador Drake's house for a pick-me-up.

Authorities are telling Drake fans to stop exiting moving vehicles for the #InMyFeelings challenge

Authorities are discouraging social media users from filming themselves exiting moving vehicles for the #InMyFeelings challenge. In some cases, attempting the challenge in traffic could lead to jail time.

Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ passes a billion streams in just its first week, and it’s not the only record it has broken

"Drizzy" managed to beat his previous album, "More Life ", which managed to get around 600 million streams in the first week.
Drake's "God's Plan" video.

The 10 most popular music artists of 2018 so far, according to Nielsen

Drake and Post Malone are in a league of their own, according to Nielsen's mid-year music report. The two rappers, whose versatile music has allowed them to top charts across genres, took the top two spots on Nielsen's ranking of the most popular artists by total album-equivalent consumption.

Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion’ is his longest yet, and this chart shows how it compares to his others

Drake's new album, "Scorpion," is the rapper's longest yet at nearly 90 minutes. It's a sharp contrast to recent releases from other artists like Kanye West, who have kept their albums below 10 tracks. This chart shows just how long it is compared to Drake's other albums.

Drake confirms rumors that he has a son on his new album ‘Scorpion’

On his new album "Scorpion," Drake confirms rumors that he has a son — a subject which entered the public consciousness with the release of Pusha-T's diss track against Drake, "The Story of Adidon," last month.
The Carters.

The 21 best songs of 2018 so far, ranked

The first half of the year in music has been eventful, to say the least. A Beyoncé and Jay-Z joint album just dropped amid a string of album releases from Kanye West, and a high-profile rap beef between Drake and Pusha-T appears to still be percolating.

Rapper Pusha T is slamming Drake in a feud that should thrill Adidas

Pusha T released a track slamming Drake and alluded to him having an upcoming collection with Adidas, called Adidon, which Pusha T suggested was named after a secret child of Drake's named Adonis.

The $10,000 Apple Watch will stop getting major software updates from Apple starting this fall

When WatchOS 5 arrives this fall, it will only work with Apple Watch Series 1 or later. That means a group of users won't get the update: those who shelled out $10,000 for the gold Apple Watch Edition.