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Memorial High School in Houston.

A high school canceled its spirit week after an unofficial ‘thug day’ was called out for having racist undertones

About 30 students at Memorial High School morphed a so-called “jersey day” into a “thug day,” in a move that people online called out earlier this week.
Norwin High School

A high school forbade girls from wearing pants to their graduation ceremony. One senior changed that.

Hannah Kozak, an 18-year-old senior at Norwin High school in Pennsylvania, thought it was unfair that girls couldn't wear pants to graduation.
Berry Miller Junior High in Pearland, Texas.

An assistant principal has been placed on leave after coloring in a student’s fade haircut with a marker because it violated the dress code

A student was told by an assistant principal at Berry Miller Junior High in Pearland, Texas, that his haircut violated an “extreme hairstyles" ban.
Female students were required to wear knee-length skirts.

A federal court ruled that a charter school’s dress code is unconstitutional and that girls can’t be forced to wear skirts

A court has ruled that it's unconstitutional for a North Carolina charter school to require female students to wear skirts while boys can wear pants.
Some schools' homework assignments have been controversial.

10 recent school controversies that got people talking

From banned books to dress code violations, here are 10 controversial issues that got parents, administrators, and students talking.

Goldman Sachs slapped a ‘sell’ on Burberry on the same day it scrapped its formal dress code

Goldman Sachs relaxed its dress code and downgraded Burberry to "sell" on the same day.
Cumberland Polytechnic High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

A teen’s petition led her school to change its dress code that banned girls from wearing pants to graduation

Lacey Henry launched a petition after learning Cumberland Polytechnic High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, required girls to wear dresses.
Kelsey Anderson was reportedly told to leave class for wearing this outfit.

18 times students and parents said school dress codes went too far

Here are 18 times students got in trouble for what they were wearing to school — and how they and their parents took a stand.
Laura Orsi, left, and her friend Clara Mitchell.

A high school student in Arkansas started a website to share teens’ dress code discrimination stories

Laura Orsi, who attends Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, was inspired to launch passtheskirt.com last week.