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In 2016, 4 billion pounds of plastic was used in US bottled water production.

12 facts that show why bottled water is one of the biggest scams of the century

Some Americans get their water for free from the tap. The rest pay for it — at the cost of $100 billion a year.
Safe drinking water should be clear.

11 cities with the worst tap water in the US

Millions of people are exposed to unsafe drinking water every year in the US.

Dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ have been found in US drinking water at alarmingly high rates — here’s what to know about PFAS

On military bases and in cities and towns around the country, people are exposed to dangerously high levels of artificially produced PFAS chemicals.
Erin Brockovich never drinks water straight from the tap.

Erin Brockovich is warning about an emerging drinking-water crisis in the US. Here’s how she recommends you protect yourself.

Environmental activist and former law clerk Erin Brockovich shares tips for how to determine if tap water is safe to drink and what to do if it's not.
A rendering of Skysource/Skywater Alliance's shipping container design for making drinking water out of air.

Two designers just won $1.5 million for creating a device that can pull clean drinking water out of thin air

A team of California designers won the 2018 Water Abundance XPrize for a biomass-powered device that can harvest 2,000 liters of water from the air per day.
The team of University of California, Berkeley scientists testing out the water harvester prototype.

We’re closer than ever before to producing clean water from thin air

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley have developed a device that can harvest fresh water from dry desert air using only sunlight. While it's just a prototype, the scientists think production could be scaled up quickly.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Chaos erupts at EPA conference as reporter is grabbed by shoulders and shoved out

Reporters for multiple news outlets were barred from attending an Environmental Protection Agency summit on chemicals in drinking water on Tuesday. One was grabbed by the shoulders and forcibly shoved out of the EPA building by security guards.

Bottled water from major brands like Aquafina, Nestle, and Dasani has been found to contain tiny plastic particles that you’re drinking

A bombshell new report reveals how bottled water drinkers are ingesting microplastic particles.
Bottled water drinkers are also sipping on tiny plastic bits.

Bottled water from major brands like Aquafina, Nestle, and Dasani contains tiny plastic particles — here’s what that does to your body

A new report finds bottled water drinkers also sip down lots of tiny bits of microplastic. And that's worrying health experts around the world.

Protesters say a leak in the Dakota Access pipeline, which Trump just advanced, could be a ‘death sentence’

Trump has signed a series of directives aimed at expediting the pipeline, one of which orders an end to what he called "cumbersome" environmental reviews.