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Drinks lots of water alongside dehydrating drinks.

The best affordable liquor, according to experts

If you're looking for your next favorite type of liquor that won't break the bank, we asked experts for their top tips for your home bar.
Best Maid's one-gallon Dill Juice jug sells for $14.38 on Amazon.

Amazon is selling jugs of pickle juice by the gallon that people are giving rave reviews

Pickle lovers with Amazon Prime could have Best Maid's pickle juice on their doorstep in as little as two days.

Bartenders reveal the 13 brands of liquor they love the most

Patrón has been named the most-beloved liquor brand by bartenders overall. Here's what they recommend to vodka, rum, whiskey, and cognac drinkers.
There are a lot of places to order bourbon-based cocktails in New York City.

12 bartenders share their favorite drink to make

We asked bartenders from around the US what their favorite cocktails are to make. They named some classics and some unique drinks.
For a limited time, the Watermelon Freeze is available at participating Taco Bell locations for $2.39.

Taco Bell is serving a watermelon-flavored slushy with candy ‘seeds’ you can eat

For a limited time only, Taco Bell will offer the Watermelon Freeze at participating locations nationwide.
Disneyland Park visitors will be able to purchase the exclusive bottles starting May 31.

You’ll soon be able to buy ‘Star Wars’-themed Coca-Cola at these Disney theme parks

Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Diet Coke will be sold in circular containers with rustic labels, while Dasani Water will be packaged in a slim bottle.
These dragon eggs are available for Easter in the UK.

9 ‘Game of Thrones’-themed food and drink products you can buy

Between sigil-embossed Oreo cookies, "Game of Thrones" whisky, and more, fans will have plenty of snacks and drinks to choose from.
Here's how to pronounce some of the trickiest bar drinks you can order.

21 drinks you’re probably mispronouncing when you order them

From Moët & Chandon to Hoegaarden and Tsingtao, there are plenty of bar drinks that you may want to brush up on.