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Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple is reportedly trying to buy the self-driving startup Drive.ai to help it take on rivals like Waymo and Tesla in robo-taxis

Apple is working to acquire the autonomous-vehicle startup Drive.ai, The Information's Amir Efrati and Alex Heath reported.

A startup born out of Stanford is going after Uber’s self-driving-car program

Drive.ai, a startup born out of Stanford, just raised $15 million in a new funding round led by Grab, Uber's biggest rival in Southeast Asia.

Lyft will partner with a startup born out of Stanford on self-driving cars

Lyft will launch a self-driving-car pilot in the Bay Area as part of a new partnership with Drive.Ai, a startup born out of Stanford.

A startup born out of Stanford just raised $50 million to make the brain for self-driving cars

Drive.ai is designing retrofit kits to power business' self-driving vehicles.

A Silicon Valley start-up just fixed one of the biggest problems with self-driving cars

Drive.ai wants driverless cars of the future to communicate with pedestrians effectively.

A start-up born out of Stanford just entered the driverless car race with a radical approach

Drive.ai is using deep learning software for its driverless car tech with the aim of getting it public before major automakers.