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Protesters light candles and shout slogans as they march on the street on September 8, 2017 in Quezon City, Philippines.

The body count of mayors in the Philippines is going up as Duterte’s drug war rages on

At least 11 mayors and six vice mayors have been killed since Duterte came to power.

Philippine President Duterte lined up 100 cops accused of corruption in front of the media and threatened to kill them

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte summoned about 100 cops accused of corruption to his palace driveway and unloaded on them in front of the media, the news site Rappler reported. He added that he would deploy a "special unit" to hunt and kill cops involved with drug or crime syndicates.
President Rodrigo Duterte.

Cambridge Analytica’s parent company claimed it invented the tough guy image that got Rodrigo Duterte elected

Cambridge Analytica's disgraced CEO Alexander Nix said the firm could win elections for "fundamentally flawed" candidates using the right strategies.
Women rally against President Rodrigo Duterte for International Women's Day on March 8, 2018 in Manila, Philippines.

The Philippines added a UN human rights worker to the country’s ‘terror hit list’

The UN fired back after the list was made public on Friday, saying Duterte needs a "psychiatric evaluation."

‘I am angry. I will kill people’: Rodrigo Duterte promises death for criminals in speech to kids

Speaking to a group of Kid and Cub Scouts, the Philippine president continued to rail against drug and drug pushers in his country.

‘That idiot’: Rodrigo Duterte responds to former Colombian president’s anti-drug-war op-ed

The Philippines president gave little weight to an op-ed by Cesar Gaviria calling for a more comprehensive approach to fighting drugs.

Colombian president who hunted down Pablo Escobar: Don’t fight the drug war the way I did

Colombia's former president took to the pages of The New York Times to discourage the hardline approach he took to his country's war on drugs.

There’s one aspect of the Philippine drug war that Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t seem interested in fighting

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has made numerous diplomatic overtures to China, but he has offered little criticism of Beijing's role in the meth trade.

Mexico just approved a major change to its drug policy

Mexico's Senate overwhelming approved legislation that would allow the use of medical marijuana, though the measure must still pass the lower house of congress.

‘It’s safer here’: Inside the Philippines’ ‘seething’ jails, where the country’s drug-war victims languish i...

The Philippines' drug war has packed the country's prisons. The solution? "Build new and bigger jails," one government official said.