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The grounded passengers were served pepperoni and cheese pizza (not the one pictured).

Americans spent almost $40 billion — yes, billion — on drunk shopping last year

Finder.com and Pureprofile found this information by surveying 2,100 adults. From shoes to food, here's how the spending habits break down.

12 foods to eat after a night out to help prevent a hangover

Everyone gets a little hungry after a night of drinking but what you choose to eat can have a big effect on you the next morning.
Maybe you don't remember what you did last night.

Why you experience hangover guilt or ‘beer fear’ after a heavy night of drinking

After drinking excess amounts of alcohol, you might wake up feeling guilty and anxious. This is known as 'alcohol guilt' or the 'beer fear,' and there are several causes.
A Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Japan Airlines has enacted strict rules limiting employee drinking after its pilots failed 19 breathalyzer tests over the past year

Japan Airlines crews will not face stiff punishment for failed breathalyzer tests after 19 recorded incidents
An Emirates Airbus A380-800 plane is seen at Nice International airport in Nice, France, September 19, 2018.

An off-duty pilot who attacked an Emirates flight attendant and drunkenly threatened to blow up the plane is headed to jail for a year

The off-duty pilot will spend one year in jail after attacking an Emirates flight attendant and threatening to blow up the plane.

An Air India pilot failed two breathalyzer tests before trying to fly a plane, but he denies he was drunk after being fired

An Air India pilot and director of operations for the airline was fired after twice failing a breathalyzer test.
Birds are getting drunk on fermented berries.

A flock of drunk birds is terrorizing a small town in Minnesota — but police say they’ll sober up soon

The Gilbert Police Department published a statement on Facebook on Tuesday after receiving multiple reports of tipsy avifauna floating around listlessly and crashing into traffic.

Taco Bell is launching a brilliant new Lyft feature called ‘Taco Mode’

Taco Bell is launching a new feature with Lyft to cater to one of its important demographics: drunk customers.

A fast-food chain is gaining on McDonald’s and Burger King by going after inebriated customers

Jack in the Box's tacos are a hit because drunk and high customers love the somewhat disgusting fast-food item.

Drunken-driving convictions could increase because of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling

Allowing warrantless breathalyzers effectively criminalize the refusal of them and affects laws in 11 states.