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‘Durian Whisky’ launched in Singapore last month – but people are saying it’s not even a whiskey at all

You've heard of durian hotpot - now get ready to hear about Durian Wisky.

China’s Alibaba will soon sell Malaysia’s Musang King durians in its restaurants and supermarkets

A ban on durian imports has been lifted in China, so Malaysia is gearing up supply in anticipation.
No one is safe from the dreaded durian fruit.

550 people had to be evacuated from a college library after someone left foul-smelling durian fruit near an air vent

The University of Canberra's library was evacuated in under six minutes because of the fruit's stench.

Malaysia bets on durian as China goes bananas for world’s smelliest fruit

Chinese pay top dollar for Malaysia's 'Musang King' - Prices of the variety have nearly quadrupled in the last five years.

Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum is featuring tons of Asian foods, like durian, century egg and balut

Asia's representatives include dog meat, mouse wine, and century eggs.
Durian fruit on market

The foul smell of durian fruit temporarily grounded a plane in Indonesia and almost led passengers to fight the crew

A group of passengers on a Sriwijaya Air flight almost came to blows with the crew over the foul and smelly presence of durian fruit