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Amazon has a new partnership with "Shark Tank."

‘Shark Tank’ winners will now get a huge boost from Amazon — but there’s a catch

Amazon will now sell items from companies that the Sharks have invested in during any season of the show. It's one more perk for winners of the show to look forward to, but there could be a downside.
Adidas partners with Amazon to sell its products online in the United States.

Adidas CEO explains why the company’s relationship with Amazon can be a ‘battle’

Adidas partners with Amazon to sell online in the United States, and it is looking at expanding the partnership. Still, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted has some concerns over data sharing and protecting Adidas' brand.

Amazon wants to show you in person how valuable Prime is

With the introduction and reported expansion of Amazon's new 4-star, Amazon is bringing the successful chaos of its website into the real world. The most important part is putting Prime front and center.

Amazon is reportedly testing a new feature to convince shoppers to buy its own brands

Amazon is doing what it can to highlight its own brands, even as customers are searching for name brands, by putting itself front and center, according to a report in CNBC.
Sometimes you can use rewards points to upgrade your seat.

5 advantages you can get from frequent-flyer programs beyond free flights

Frequent flyer programs allow you to rack up miles, earn free flights, and enjoy a number of alternative benefits from airline loyalty programs like flight-amenities and seat upgrades. Here are five advantages of frequent flyer programs that go beyond miles.
Amazon quietly ended its Instant Pickup offering.

Amazon quietly ended its year-old program that was supposed to be like a better vending machine

Amazon has ended an initiative that allowed customers to instantly buy items from their pickup locations. It's a rare pullback from physical retail for the e-commerce giant.

The fastest-growing retailer in America doesn’t sell clothes online, and there’s a simple reason why

Primark, a low-cost, European apparel chain, is the fastest-growing retailer in the United States, according to a report from the National Retail Federation's Stores magazine, which used sales data from Kantar Consulting. But, it doesn't sell anything online.
Naked Labs can give a detailed breakdown of a user's health statistics, but it could also have big implications for retailers.

Startups are on the brink of solving one of the biggest problems with shopping online

Startups are looking for ways to incorporate 3D body-scanning technology and augmented reality into the shopping experience. Even Amazon has been rumored to be working on a way to make clothing fit customers better.
Amazon Scout.

Amazon is launching a new shopping service that steals a page out of Instagram’s playbook

Amazon is testing a new visual way to shop its huge selection. Called Amazon Scout, it's a highly visual page that uses machine learning that might be able to pick your next coffee table.

The woman behind Bonobos’ most hated ad is its new CEO

Bonobos founder Andy Dunn is stepping down as head of the brand. Its new CEO is Micky Onvural, who formerly served as the brand's chief marketing officer.