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Amazon is reportedly close to buying a 10% stake in one of India’s largest retailers, and it could be another sign that it’s making a big ...

Amazon is reportedly buying a 10% stake in Future Retail Limited in possibly another sign that it's making a big push into the Indian retail market.
Amazon CEO Bezos discusses his company's new Fire smartphone in Seattle, Washington

2 US senators wrote a letter to Jeff Bezos demanding answers about how Amazon recommends products

Two US senators have written a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asking how the firm decides which products are worthy of its "Amazon's Choice" badge.
The Nike Adventure Club targets parents who often need to buy new shoes for their growing kids.

Nike is launching a shoe-subscription program for kids in a move to capitalize on an estimated $10 billion market

The Nike Adventure Club subscription service will allow parents to pay a monthly fee in exchange for new kids' shoes multiple times a year.

Steve Jobs made a bunch of predictions in the 80s and 90s about the future of technology — it turns out he nailed it

Although his later work at Apple influenced the way things turned out, he still offered a slew of predictions that are shockingly accurate today.
A FedEx delivery worker.

FedEx is severing shipping ties with Amazon as Jeff Bezos’ company scales up its own logistics operation

FedEx executives have made it clear in recent months that the company views Amazon as a competitor rather than a partner.
The wedding registry is a time-honored American tradition.

Here’s how much the average couple in every state puts on their wedding registry

A new study examined the average cost of wedding registries in each state and found the most expensive were in Utah, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Amazon’s one-day-shipping promise will gobble up more than $3 billion this year

Some experts say Amazon's move to quickly in-house its delivery services is partially driving some of the difficulties in its one-day-shipping pledge.
Wall Street is expecting Jeff Bezos and Amazon to once again report strong earnings results on Thursday.

Amazon’s Q2 misses on the bottom line, and it warned its profit will disappoint again in Q3

Amazon's second-quarter profit fell well shy of Wall Street's expectations, and AWS sales were light. The company also offered disappointing guidance.
Amazon is hiring full-time delivery drivers.

Amazon has quietly ordered 2,000-plus vans to deliver your Prime packages — and UPS and the Post Office should feel stressed

Amazon already owns 20,000 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans for deliveries. But these vans aren't big enough for Amazon's ever-growing volume of packages.

UPS is joining FedEx in the rush for 7-day delivery — and it’s a sign that both delivery giants are taking Amazon’s logistics build-...

As customers demand faster, quicker (and free) deliveries of their e-commerce goods, UPS is matching FedEx in delivering your packages on Sundays.