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BANK OF AMERICA: Here are the 3 main takeaways from earnings season now that the majority of companies have reported

So far, average earnings growth has come in above than what analysts expected at the start of the season, according to BAML.

Concern about Trump’s trade war has ‘spiked tremendously’ among America’s largest companies

S&P 500 companies are starting to get concerned about President Donald Trump's trade war. The number of firms mentioning the words "tariffs" or "trade war" hit a record high in the second quarter.
President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan

America’s biggest companies are saying exactly what Republicans want to hear about the massive GOP tax law

Many S&P 500 companies plan to spend their savings from the new tax law on investments in their firms — a big win for the GOP and President Donald Trump.

Companies across America say they’re under intense pressure to pay workers more

Wage growth has been sluggish since the recession but is finally on the rise.

Several CEOs are voicing the same complaint about one of Trump’s biggest brags

Trump's election was followed by surging consumer and business confidence, but spending has not spiked.

GOLDMAN: America’s biggest companies are obsessed with these 3 themes right now

After combing through several earnings calls, three big themes stood out to Goldman.

Giant companies are already getting tired of Trump

Only eight S&P 500 companies have talked about Donald Trump this earnings season, compared with 16 at the same time last quarter.

HOME DEPOT: Hurricane Matthew and the Louisiana flooding made us $100 million

Repairs after Hurricane Matthew and the flooding in Louisiana were a boon to Home Depot.

The Cheesecake Factory has great news for the US economy

Increasing wages and pricing power at The Cheesecake Factory will be welcome news for the Federal Reserve.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS: People aren’t buying doughnuts because they’re worried about the election

"The overwhelming dampening effect of the presidential election" is weighing on consumers, according to Dunkin' Brands.