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Apple just fueled everyone’s biggest fear about how companies will use their extra tax-reform cash

When Congress passed the GOP tax law last year, there were fears across Wall Street that companies would use the cash saved to enrich shareholders rather than employees. Apple's $100 billion buyback announcement on Tuesday fueled those concerns.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla reports smaller loss than expected, slows cash burn

Tesla is expected to report another quarter of losses and cash burn.

These 14 stocks will see sales skyrocket in 2018, Goldman Sachs says

BI PRIME: Goldman Sachs thinks these companies will be winners this year.

One chart explains what’s driving the stock market’s record-breaking explosion

BI PRIME: Upward revisions to S&P 500 profit forecasts have provided crucial fuel for the stock market's ascent to new record highs.

GOLDMAN SACHS: There’s a strategy that will help you crush earnings season using these 20 stocks

BI PRIME: Goldman Sachs has formulated a strategy for earnings season that has provided outsize returns for the past two decades, and it recommends 20 stocks.

GOLDMAN SACHS: These 13 stocks will see profits explode higher in 2018

BI PRIME: These 13 stocks will see earnings growth explode in 2018, says Goldman Sachs.

GOLDMAN SACHS: 2 areas of tax reform could throw investors for a loop this earnings season

BI PRIME: The effects of tax reform could stir up some turmoil in what's expected to be an otherwise very strong earnings season.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here’s how to make a killing in early 2018

BI PRIME: Goldman Sachs has a recommendation for how stock investors can make money during early 2018.

Tech stocks once again look unstoppable

Tech stocks grew earnings by 22% in the third quarter, keeping themselves soaring higher and underpinning market-wide equity gains.
The 19 stocks Goldman says are set to benefit most from an earnings-driven relief rally.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here’s the only strategy you need to crush earnings season

Goldman Sachs has a recommendation for how stock investors can use options on depressed stocks to make money during corporate earnings season.