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An illustration of an asteroid colliding with Earth.

Scientists pinpointed the oldest meteor crater ever found. When the space rock struck Australia 2.2 billion years ago, it ended a global ice age.

Scientists know of 190 impact craters around the world. The record for the oldest was just awarded to a crater in Western Australia.
An illustration of an asteroid colliding with Earth.

One of the biggest meteorite crashes in Earth’s history flung debris across 3 continents 800,000 years ago. Scientists finally found the crater....

Scientists may have solved the geological mystery of what happened to an 800-year-old meteorite that blanketed 10% of the Earth in debris.

NASA photographed a huge avalanche from space in what it calls ‘a stroke of luck’

The torrent of snow in this incredible picture is nearly half a mile long.

Trump just signed a law that maps out NASA’s long-term future — but a critical element is missing

The NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 calls for a $19.5 billion budget, cancels an asteroid mission, and asks the space agency to hunt for aliens.