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Employees at TripAdvisor, Oppo and Deliveroo are now involved in ‘food swapping’ – and have saved 25kg of food in 30 days

These mega companies are swapping food items in the office to combat waste.
Pluto is over 4.6 billion miles away, but you can explore it from the comfort of your own computer, right now, thanks to Google Maps.

A little-known feature in Google Maps lets you explore planets and moons in our local solar system — here’s how to find it

Most people just use Google Maps to get directions from A to B, but it can also be used to explore other planets beyond our own.
Apollo 11 astronauts took this photo of Earth on July 20, 1969.

28 iconic photos of the Earth from space that will make you feel puny and insignificant

Carl Sagan, whose birthday is November 9, famously juxtaposed human history as a struggle upon a mote of cosmic dust in his book "Pale Blue Dot."
A satellite view of the Mississippi River in April 2018.

Satellite images reveal humanity’s abusive relationship with Earth’s most precious resource

Here are some of the most telling satellite pictures of rivers (which we sourced primarily from NASA Earth Observatory) and what they reveal about our close and often contentious relationship with vital waterways.
Deforestation at a logging camp in Mandalay, Myanmar.

On August 1, we’ll have consumed more resources than the Earth can regenerate in a year — here’s how you can reduce your ecological ...

Earth Overshoot Day is the day each year when humans have consumed a year’s worth of the planet’s natural resources. In 2018, it falls on August 1. If everyone lived like US residents, we would need five earths to meet our annual consumption. Want to reduce your ecological footprint? Here's how.
A total lunar eclipse or blood moon as seen in a time-lapse series of images.

The total lunar eclipse would look stunning from the moon — Earth’s sunrise and sunset will connect in a ring of fire

The longest total lunar eclipse or blood moon in a century will happen overnight on July 27. From the moon, Earth will look like it's surrounded by a ring of fire, with its sunset and sunrise connected in a loop. A NASA animation shows what Earth's glowing red ring might look like.
The phases of a total lunar eclipse.

The longest total lunar eclipse in a century is about to happen — here’s how Earth will color the moon blood-red

A total lunar eclipse or blood moon will happen overnight on July 27. The eclipse will be colored orange-red due to sunlight passing through Earth's atmosphere and bouncing off the moon. The event is slated to last nearly 1 hour 43 minutes — the longest in about a century.

How large asteroids must be to destroy a city, state, country, or the planet

How big of an asteroid does it take to damage cities, states, countries, and the planet? On the fourth-annual World Asteroid Day (Saturday, June 30), we take a look at estimates from NASA, Purdue University's "Impact Earth" simulator, and other sources.
An illustration of Earth during the June solstice.

The June solstice is here — here’s how it works and why it starts both summer and winter

This year's June or summer solstice happens on June 21, 2018. It's the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and marks the start of summer. Here's how Earth and the sun align to cause the celestial event, and also to drive our planet's seasons.
One of the Longjiang microsatellites that China launched toward the moon in May 2018.

A Chinese moon satellite took an incredible picture of Earth that will make you feel tiny

China launched two microsatellites, called Longjiang-1 and Longjiang-2, to the moon in May. One of the spacecraft took stunning new photos of Earth and the moon with a Saudi Arabian camera system. The photos show Earth against the black void of space.