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An EasyJet Airbus A319 plane.

A 63-year-old man died after falling sick on a budget airline flight from Spain to the UK on New Year’s Day

Local police in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, said the man died shortly after landing. His death is not being considered as suspicious.
A British Airways plane.

Airlines are flying tons of unneeded fuel around the world to save as little as $52 by not filling up in countries with higher prices

The practice, called fuel tankering, gives airlines an often tiny saving at the cost of much-larger carbon emissions, BBC's 'Panorama' said.

London’s Gatwick airport is testing out new technology to board passengers by individual seat, which could be faster and avoid long lines

The major UK airport is running a two-month trial on some EasyJet flights. It uses screens to call single seat numbers, for maximum efficiency.
A video posted to Facebook by a passenger shows off-duty EasyJet pilot Michael Bradley telling the plane he's going to fly the plane himself.

An off-duty EasyJet captain going on vacation to Spain flew the plane himself when the original pilot failed to show up

Michael Bradley told EasyJet passengers he brought his pilot ID to Manchester Airport on Monday just in case after hearing of a two-hour delay.
A view down the aisle from a seat on an EasyJet plane.

A viral photo shows an EasyJet passenger in a row of seats with no backs — but the airline says the photo was staged and nobody flew in the seat...

After the photo on the Geneva-bound flight went viral, EasyJet said "no passengers were permitted to sit in these seats as they were inoperative."

Ready for take off — Airline stocks are soaring as a Brexit-free summer may revive holiday bookings

Shares in easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways-owner IAG rose on the prospect of a surge in summer bookings following the Brexit extension.
One flamingo can cause much chaos.

A rogue flamingo caused a commotion at an airport when it sauntered right in front of a moving plane on a runway

The 'elegant' bird seemed in no hurry to leave the Palma de Mallorca Airport.

The 20 biggest airlines in the world, ranked

American, Delta, United, Southwest, Ryanair, EasyJet, Emirates, Lufthansa, and China Southern are among the 20 biggest airlines in the world.

A 23-year-old allegedly called a hoax bomb threat in to easyJet to avoid seeing his parents

The student from Rennes allegedly made an anonymous call into easyJet, causing flight EZY4319 on January 18 to turn around and return to Lyon.

Airlines are copying retailers like Amazon and Walmart and starting a Black Friday of their own

Travel Tuesday is expected to have more airfare sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.