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A nutritionist reveals how to make your Thanksgiving meal healthier without sacrificing the good stuff

Thanksgiving is packed with ways to eat healthy without sacrificing great tastes. Here's how to navigate the holiday, according to a nutritionist.
It's not uncommon to still feel hungry after finishing a meal.

Why you don’t always feel full after eating, according to a dietitian

It is possible to eat a whole meal and, by the end of it, feel like you could eat a whole other meal. Here's why and what to do about it.
You might be eating chicken wings the wrong way.

11 foods you’re probably eating wrong and the right way to eat them

From pizza to cupcakes, here are 11 foods you could be eating "incorrectly" and the proper way to do so for maximum enjoyment, according to experts.
Be mindful of the food you eat at Christmas dinner.

These photos show exactly how much food to eat to lose or gain over the holidays

The photos depict a starter, entree, and dessert, and how much you should eat of each according to your weight goal.

New evidence suggests that a diet with key benefits for your body and brain may also shield against aging

A diet rich in vegetables, protein, and healthy fats is increasingly being recognized as the healthiest for your brain and body. More commonly known as the Mediterranean diet, the eating plan may also protect against aging, according to a new Italian study.
Challenge yourself to lead a better life.

Doing these 24 uncomfortable things will pay off forever

Challenge yourself if you want to improve your life. Worthwhile changes can be tricky to implement in your day-to-day routine. However, if you take up these challenging habits, you'll be taking a number of steps toward improving your life and overall wellbeing.

There’s growing evidence that eating fat won’t make you fat, but sugar will

In the World Cup of food wars, sugar and fat are the playoff teams. But an emerging science suggests that when eaten on its own, fat doesn't contribute to weight gain while sugar does. Scientists recommend cutting back on sugar and instead bringing back foods like creamy avocados and buttery salmon.

I ate a 17-course tasting menu at one of the world’s best restaurants — here’s what it was like

Eating at one of the world's best restaurants is more like watching a performance than it is eating a meal.

The best ways to eat healthy and feel better have nothing to do with calories

Calories don't tell the full picture when it comes to healthy eating. In fact, focusing exclusively on a food's calorie count can be misleading. Instead of relying on a single number, dietitians gave us a handful of simple tips to help us clean up our eating game.

How to look and feel healthier in one week, according to a nutritionist

Registered dietitian and nutritionist Andy Bellatti gave us tips for how to start feeling healthier quickly. There's no reason you shouldn't feel like the best version of yourself this summer.