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The 3 big concessions May made to the EU on the Brexit divorce deal

Here are all the climbdowns Theresa May had to make in order to secure an agreement on the first phase of Brexit talks.
Prime Minister Theresa May.

Theresa May suffers backlash from Tory MPs after saying European judges could keep powers after Brexit

The prime minister told the Commons on Monday that the ECJ may continue to have sway over UK law during a post-Brexit transition period.

Former ECJ judge: Theresa May’s pledge to end all ECJ jurisdiction ‘shows just how ignorant she is’

Sir David Edward, a former ECJ judge of 12 years, says Theresa May's attitude towards the EU court shows she doesn't fully understand how it works.

The signs that May’s government is finally opening its eyes to the reality of Brexit

The UK's new Brexit position paper marks a welcome softening of Britain's approach to Brexit.

Theresa May signals major U-turn on pledge to end power of EU judges after Brexit

The UK government has confirmed judges in the ECJ could have sway over the UK after Brexit, in a paper published on Wednesday.

Why Theresa May’s pledge to remove Britain from EU courts was one Brexit promise she could never keep

Prime Minister May could be forced to water down her pledge to cut Britain's ties with the ECJ in order to negotiate a good Brexit deal.

Theresa May climb downs from her Brexit red-line on European judges

The government has accepted that rulings made in EU member states should continue to apply to British people and businesses after Brexit.