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An animated map shows every total solar eclipse around the world until 2040

Solar eclipses happen across the globe at least once a year. Not all of them appear over populated areas, but some may happen close to you.

‘NOT TOO BRIGHT’: New York Daily News jabs Trump for ignoring solar eclipse warnings

Trump looked up at the solar eclipse without protective eyewear, which experts have been warning people not to do for months.

You can safely take a picture of the solar eclipse with your iPhone — but don’t use the camera to watch it

Your phone screen can reflect ultraviolet light back into your eye, potentially causing solar retinopathy — just as if you were looking directly at the sun.

A regional coffee chain with a cult following just recalled its free solar eclipse glasses — and customers are freaking out

"If you received a pair of these glasses, DO NOT USE THEM TO VIEW THE ECLIPSE," Dutch Bros wrote on Facebook.

What looking at the solar eclipse without glasses could do to your eyes

Eye damage from the eclipse primarily affects central vision. In some cases, damage goes away. In others, it's permanent. Here's how it works.

An eyewear chain is giving away free solar eclipse glasses — here’s how to get them

Warby Parker is giving away free solar eclipse glasses.