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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

An Amazon customer reportedly tried to return an item directly to Jeff Bezos during a question-and-answer session

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got a surprise request during the company's annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, but he took it in stride.

Amazon fires back at Walmart’s next-day delivery rollout in a feisty tweet

Amazon's tweet suggested that it offered faster shipping than Walmart.
An Amazon delivery station in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Amazon’s delivery network is set to explode as the company moves toward one-day shipping — and workers are bracing for big changes

Amazon delivery drivers are bracing for big changes as Amazon moves to cut its Prime two-day shipping promise to one day.
"Sounds like membership prices are going up soon," one consumer wrote.

Amazon is promising one-day Prime shipping — but skeptical customers are sounding the alarm

Amazon has announced that it intends to boost its Prime delivery standards to one-day shipping, but not everyone is on board.
Amazon Prime one-day shipping does not mean you will get your shipment in one day.

Amazon Prime’s new one-day shipping promise doesn’t mean you’ll always get your shipment in one day

Amazon said it is transitioning its Prime two-day shipping guarantee into a one-day shipping guarantee, but actual arrival times will vary.
Walmart hinted that it will soon offer one-day shipping without a membership fee.

Walmart fires back at Amazon in a snarky tweet attacking Prime member fees

Walmart has fired back at Amazon and hinted that it plans to soon offer one-day shipping without a membership fee.

Forget one-day shipping: same-day is the ‘real battleground’ where Amazon, Walmart, and Target, are sparring

Same-day shipping, not one-day shipping, is the "real battleground" between Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Amazon is pulling the plug on its domestic business in China after it was soundly beaten by Alibaba

Amazon.com plans to close its domestic marketplace business in China by mid-July.

Amazon is now texting arrival times for package deliveries — here’s how it works

Amazon is now texting arrival times for package deliveries — here's how it works

Online shopping is officially king, signaling a tipping point in the retail apocalypse

Online shopping is up, with sales at so-called nonstore retailers said to have surpassed those at places like department stores for the first time.