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Trump doesn’t seem to understand some key elements of the stock market rally

President Donald Trump's tweet calling the recent stock sell-off a "big mistake" shows he doesn't fully understand the dynamics driving the equity market.

A record number of Americans are taking vacations — and that highlights one of the biggest risks to markets

The Societe Generale strategist Albert Edwards sees this as a sign of overconfidence in rising wages.
Albert Edwards

A legendary Wall Street strategist lays out the stock market’s ‘nightmare scenario’

Albert Edwards says the "nightmare scenario" for stocks is for wage inflation to recover sharply as investors decide the Fed isn't tightening fast enough.

Singapore economy grows much stronger than expected in Q2

The Straits Times ...

The US economy looks a lot like the period before the tech bubble

The stars are aligning for stocks, but not in the way bulls might like, with four economic indicators behaving like they did in 1999 before the dotcom bubble.

Stocks are shrugging off a troubling trend

If stock investors are worried about economic data that has recently missed expectations, they certainly aren't showing it, with the S&P 500 near a record.

There’s been a ‘stunning’ shift in the US economy since Trump’s election

Americans are bullish on the US economy, but the actual economic activity isn't increasing as quickly as the enthusiasm.

There’s a problem with the post-Trump boom in economic data

Economic data may be getting better, but that doesn't mean the economy is.

The Trump boom isn’t here yet

The economic data isn't keeping up with the President Donald Trump-fueled stock market boom.

Producer prices were unchanged in August

The producer price index for final demand for August.