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Donald Trump.

Trump is in a massive political slump

President Donald Donald Trump suffered another major political defeat Tuesday in deep-red Alabama — his second in one Senate race and third consecutive.
Donald Trump.

Republicans are pointing fingers in every direction after embarrassing election-night annihilation

Republicans suffered brutal losses in Virginia — and the establishment and insurgent right are pointing fingers at who is responsible for what went wrong.
2017 Virginia election map.

This small sliver of Virginia is why Ralph Northam crushed his Republican opponent and did better than Hillary Clinton in 2016

One small corner of Virginia helps show exactly where Northam was able to cement both his crushing of Gillespie and his outperformance of Clinton.
Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie.

The exit polls from Virginia expose looming problems for Trump in 2018

Data collected by pollsters after the election showed how antipathy to the president seemingly shaped a mini-wave of Democratic victories in Virginia.
Supporters of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam celebrate at an election night rally at George Mason University in Fairfax.

‘This is a tidal wave’: Democrats blow Republicans out of the water in the key bellwether state of Election Day 2017

Democrats swept elections in New Jersey, New York City, and, importantly, Virginia on Tuesday, prompting pundits and pollsters to predict a Democratic comeback.

Virginia elects Democrat Ralph Northam to be next governor

Virginia voters elected Democrat Ralph Northam governor on Tuesday in a race widely viewed as a bellwether of national politics.

Trump throws GOP candidate Ed Gillespie under the bus following his Virginia election loss

As Democrat Ralph Northam braced for his projected win as governor, President Donald Trump tweeted his reaction to GOP candidate Ed Gillespie's projected loss.

Trump’s approval rating in 2 states holding big elections is even lower than it is nationally

Initial exit polls for Virginia and New Jersey show a low approval rating for President Donald Trump, and a win for Democrat candidates.
Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. tells people to go out and vote for Virginia’s Republican candidates on the wrong day

Donald Trump Jr. pushed Tuesday for voters in Virginia to cast ballots for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie and the entire GOP ticket "tomorrow."

Trump bashes Democratic Virginia Governor candidate as ‘weak’ ahead of heated election on Tuesday

Ralph Northam heads to the polls with a slight edge over opponent Ed Gillespie, who has targeted Northam over his opposition to Confederate statues.