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Devastating photos of the El Niño-driven flooding that has killed more than 70 people in Peru

Sudden and intense rains in Peru have caused massive flooding, and now about half the country is under a state of emergency.

La Niña has officially arrived

This increases the chances that winter will be drier and warmer in the southern US, but the north of the country is likely to be colder, wetter, and snowier.

‘The weather’ is a good excuse only when it’s not an excuse

La Niña episodes have wreaked economic and financial havoc — but somehow no one ever talks about such events in advance.

Hurricane season is officially here

We're in the five-month period where hurricanes are most likely to happen in the Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s the strange reason this year’s El Niño was so intense

Some winds back in 2014 gave this year's El Niño the head start it needed to become one of the strongest on record.

Hell and high water: Life in ‘the world’s most miserable country’ keeps getting worse

"We can't go on living like this," a resident of a Caracas suburb told CNN. "We Venezuelan people deserve much better."

La Niña is officially coming

Weather predictions show a trend of abnormally cooler temperatures coming our way.

The first major El Niño storm of the season just hammered the US

The storm has already set record rainfalls for places in California.

11 photos that show how incredibly bizarre the weather in the US has been this month

El Niño has made a mess of US weather in December.