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An enormous Tesla pickup concept at the Semi reveal.

Tesla needs to expedite its plans for an electric pickup truck before it loses a key advantage

The auto and and tech industries are getting serious about electric pickup trucks. Last week, Amazon led an investment of $700 million in Rivian.
Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe reveals the startup's first two vehicles at the Los Angeles auto show.

Tesla challenger Rivian just announced a $700 million investment led by Amazon

Rivian announced that Amazon would lead a $700 million investment round in the truck- and SUV-focused electric-vehicle startup.
Tesla has an expansive charging network.

Tesla’s charging network gives it a huge advantage over rivals — but the company is still lacking in one crucial area

A widely followed Wall Street analyst says failures in service and parts could plague Tesla with even more problems.
The Jaguar I-PACE.

We drove an $87,000 Jaguar I-PACE to see how it compares with a $57,500 Tesla Model 3 and a $150,000 Model X. Here’s the verdict.

The vehicles vary quite a bit in capabilities, appointments, and price. But in the end, I think the Tesla Model 3 is the best car.
Close-up of self driving minivan, with LIDAR and other sensor units and logo visible, part of Google parent company Alphabet Inc, driving past historic railroad station with sign reading Mountain View, in the Silicon Valley town of Mountain View, California, with safety driver visible, October 28, 2018

Self-driving cars could be great for the tire industry

Autonomous services could expand the number of fleet-owned-and-operated vehicles.Those fleets could need new tires much more often.
Brian Menell.

A mining tycoon has a $1 billion plan to release China’s chokehold on the global electric car race

South African mining tycoon Brian Menell says China controls most of the supply for rare earth metals.
New York City.

10 cities where buying an electric car may not be worth it

A study by Crescent Electric Supply Company found that commuters in New York can save $55 by driving an electric car instead of a gas powered model.
Live to race — not to make Wall Street money.

Wall Street is getting one critical thing wrong on Ferrari

Although Ferrari could produce some all-electric cars, it can never renounce its commitment to internal combustion — because racing runs on gas.
Chicago, Illinois.

The 10 US cities where you save the most money by driving an electric car

According to a study by Crescent Electric Supply Company (CESCO), people in Seattle can save $212.87 a year on their commute by switching to an EV.
Going electric!

Ford is working on an all-electric version of its F-150 pickup truck

Ford previously announced plans to market a hybrid gas-electric version of the pickup. The all-electric truck is a new development.