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General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra speaks at GM's press conference at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., January 16, 2018.

Trump’s threat to cut GM’s electric-car subsidies is completely meaningless

Following GM's announcement that it would idle several US factories, Trump tweeted that the government could cut the carmaker's subsidies on electric vehicles.
An Uber driverless Ford Fusion drives down Smallman Street in Pittsburgh.

Volkswagen is reportedly in talks with Ford about a plan that could help both companies take on rivals like Waymo, Cruise, and Tesla

Ford hopes Argo AI, its self-driving unit, will be providing commercial rides by 2021.
We'll announce the 2018 Car of the Year on November 19.

One of these 15 finalists will become Business Insider’s 2018 Car of the Year

Each year Business Insider selects 15 finalists for its Car of the Year competition, ranging from family SUVs to sedans, supercars to EVs.
The Model X SUV.

It’s a complete myth that the rest of the auto industry is chasing Tesla

Tesla has no meaningful mobility business and might struggle to catch up in this area. Tesla has mastered electric cars, but the technology is nothing that the rest of the auto industry can't easily replicate.
Tesla quietly killed off its full self-driving feature as an add-on option because it "was causing too much confusion."

9 reasons you should buy Tesla’s Model 3 ‘Performance’ car instead of the standard Model 3

Tesla's Model 3 is an attractive option for anyone considering a new car.

A zombie argument has come back to undermine Tesla’s most recent profitable quarter

Tesla sold a large number of ZEV and non-ZEV credits in its profitable third quarter. Tesla earns these credits because it sells only all-electric vehicles. Tesla has sold credits every year, to automaker who fail to meet regulatory stipulations.

GM calls for an emissions-credit program that will cover the entire US

GM proposed a National Zero Emissions Vehicle program that would be based on a current system of ZEV credits used by California and nine other states.

Why did Dyson pick Singapore to build its electric car? Here are some possible reasons

Not only does Singapore have some of the highest average salaries in the world, it has been nearly 40 years since car production there ended.

Britain’s Dyson to build electric car in Singapore

The Straits Times ...
Buy a car and get into a swanky club.

The ‘Tesla of China’ IPO’d last month in the US — take a look inside the swanky clubhouses it’s using to try to lure wea...

Nio, a Chinese electric-car maker, is trying to win over customers with perks like exclusive clubhouses for customers known as Nio Houses, a cross between a coworking space, a cafe, a daycare center, and an event space. I went inside one.