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The Tesla Model 3.

Tesla’s Model 3 has been the best-selling EV in the US this year by a huge margin

Tesla made three of the five best-selling electric vehicles in the US this year through June, according to the electric-vehicle website InsideEVs.

Elon Musk said it’s ‘financially insane’ to buy a car that isn’t electric and won’t be able to drive itself — but ...

The Tesla CEO's claim doesn't account for questions about the availability of self-driving technology and limited charging infrastructure.

One of Tesla’s largest US Supercharger stations has a plush, private customer lounge in the middle of a folksy California town — take a lo...

Kettleman City, California, is Tesla's domain. Its presence here in farm country is a clear sign that it wants to own the electric-car future.
A woman gets into her Tesla electric car at a supercharger station in Los Angeles

Elon Musk says a Tesla with 400 miles of range is coming soon

"It won't be long," the Tesla CEO said during the electric-car company's shareholders' meeting on Tuesday.
Audi e-tron.

Audi is recalling its Tesla rival after realizing its batteries were at risk of catching fire

Both of the luxury automakers are flagging some of their electric vehicles because of potential safety issues.
Tesla Model 3.

It’s still too early to tell if Tesla’s Model 3 will be its ultimate answer to profits, experts say

Tesla has sold a lot of Model 3s so far, but there are questions about long-term demand and competition.
A man looks at Tesla Motors' Model S P85 at its showroom in Beijing January 29, 2014.

China’s state mouthpiece just put Tesla on notice

The Global Times just bashed some of Tesla's early moves in China, and stoked some fear that the company may get caught up in the US-China trade war.
Mena Massoud's Tesla after the crash.

‘Aladdin’ star says a defect in his Tesla Model 3 led to his car wreck, and it comes from a problem area the company has known about for y...

Those who follow Tesla closely have come to refer to the company's problems with suspension as "whompy wheels."

Nio jumps after losing less money than expected amid Chinese economic slowdown

Shares of the Chinese electric-car maker Nio jumped after posting a small-than-expected loss despite a slowdown of the Chinese economy.

Fiat Chrysler proposes huge $37 billion merger with Renault that would create the world’s 3rd-largest automaker

Fiat Chrysler has opened merger talks with its fellow carmaker Renault, a move with significant implications for the global auto industry.