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Elizabeth Moss in "The Invisible Man."

Elisabeth Moss says she ‘would be 100% into’ making a sequel to ‘The Invisible Man’

Elisabeth Moss told Insider that she would very much like to play her 'Invisible Man' character Cecilia Kass again.
Elisabeth Moss (left) and Odessa Young star in "Shirley."

Watch Elisabeth Moss seduce and manipulate her housemates in the trailer for her new thriller ‘Shirley’

The tense new thriller is based on the life of horror writer Shirley Jackson, and follows her as she finds inspiration in her innocent new roommate.
Elisabeth Moss plays Cecilia Kass in "The Invisible Man."

‘The Invisible Man’ is the first hit horror movie of 2020. Here’s why people can’t stop talking about it.

The thriller stars Elisabeth Moss as a woman escaping from a violent relationship and has drawn praise for its stark portrayals of domestic abuse.
Elisabeth Moss (left) and Oliver Jackson-Cohen star in "The Invisible Man."

8 details you might have missed in ‘The Invisible Man’ that hint at the movie’s jaw-dropping and bloody conclusion

The hit horror film is filled with sneaky references to the mind-blowing ending, including a key moment in which Cecilia asks for steak.
Elisabeth Moss stars in "The Invisible Man."

The 9 scariest moments from ‘The Invisible Man,’ ranked from most to least terrifying

The new thriller starring Elisabeth Moss features numerous scream-worthy moments — including a terrifying scene in a restaurant.
Elisabeth Moss stars in "The Invisible Man."

‘The Invisible Man’ is now the No. 1 horror movie in the world, and the memes about the film prove it’s a must-see

The new thriller stars Elisabeth Moss as a woman trying to escape her abusive ex after he fakes his own death — and has made himself invisible.
Elisabeth Moss stars in "The Invisible Man."

‘The Invisible Man’ is a tense thriller that proves the biggest threat to women is definitely men

The new film, starring Elisabeth Moss, follows an abused woman as she escapes from her scientist boyfriend and begins to doubt her own sanity.
Elisabeth Moss.

Elisabeth Moss wants to do a romantic comedy but doesn’t think anybody is interested

In an interview with The Telegraph, Elisabeth Moss spoke about her interest in stepping out of her comfort zone of taking on serious roles.
"The Handmaid's Tale" has a talented cast, but they have been in some not-so-great movies.

The worst movies the stars of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ have been in

From Elisabeth Moss to Alexis Bledel, the Hulu show's biggest stars have been in some critical flops.
Twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon, who played Emma in "Friends," said the cast bought them Christmas gifts.

One of the twins who took turns playing Ross and Rachel’s baby on ‘Friends’ says the cast treated them like ‘little princesses...

One of the twins who played Ross and Rachel's baby, Emma, on "Friends" said the cast even invited their family to the staff Christmas party.