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President Donald Trump.

Trump says he’d be OK with a bailout that prevents companies from using cash on share buybacks — and claims he was ‘never happy̵...

"It takes many many people in this case to tango, but as far as I'm concerned conditions like that would be okay with me," President Trump said.
Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks at Exeter High School in Exeter, New Hampshire during a campaign stop town hall in November 11, 2019.

Elizabeth Warren just laid out 8 conditions that companies should accept for government bailout money during the coronavirus crisis

They include barring stock buybacks, keeping people employed, and giving them a seat at the company's board of directors.
Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders talk before the tenth Democratic 2020 presidential debate in South Carolina.

Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to endorse Bernie Sanders before key primaries might be a sign he’s ‘going to get the s— kicked out...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is facing pressure to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders, her progressive ally, after exiting the 2020 Democratic primary last week.
en. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks while introducing health care legislation titled the "Medicare for All Act of 2019" with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), during a news conference on Capitol Hill, on April 9, 2019 in Washington, DC

20 leading economists just signed a letter arguing Medicare for All would generate massive savings for American families

"There's been too much loose talk that Medicare for All is unaffordable. What's really unaffordable is the current system," one economist said.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez did the challenge, as did Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon.

23 celebrities who have nailed the ‘Flip the Switch’ TikTok challenge

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez told fans to "wait for it" before swapping outfits in their viral flip.

Elizabeth Warren did the ‘Flip the Switch’ TikTok challenge on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and Drake responded

The challenge uses Drake's song "Nonstop," in which Drake sings "I just flipped the switch" in the opening lines.
Elizabeth Warren made a surprise appearance on SNL's cold open.

Elizabeth Warren made a surprise ‘SNL’ appearance and met her impersonator Kate McKinnon

The Bay State senator had some fun on SNL shortly after dropping out of the presidential race:"I'm not dead. I'm just in the Senate."
Sen. Elizabeth Warren does a "Pinky Promise" with seven year-old Zoe Rajbanshi at a campaign stop in Hollis, New Hampshire, September 27, 2019.

Trump said Warren’s campaign failed because she’s ‘mean’ and lacks talent, and not because of sexism

Trump, who spends much of his time attacking people on Twitter, said people like "a person like me, that's not mean."

Elizabeth Warren criticizes Bernie Sanders supporters for ‘organized nastiness,’ saying women who supported her campaign were harassed

In a separate interview earlier in the week, Sanders denounced the behavior, saying he was 'absolutely aghast' and 'disgusted.'

From treasury secretary to AG, Elizabeth Warren could be a fit for these Cabinet positions

Elizabeth Warren's legal background and history of fighting corruption could make her a strong candidate for several Cabinet posts if Trump leaves.