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Argentina's President Mauricio Macri attends the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos

Argentina raised interest rates for the second time in 24 hours — to 40%

Argentina's central bank has raised interest rates to 40% in an attempt to save the struggling peso. The rise comes after previous interest rate hikes and a $5 billion central bank intervention failed to stabilise the declining currency.
Excerpt from Raphael's School of Athens.

Here’s a super-short history of 2,400 years of emerging markets

The first emerging markets crisis was in 4th century Greece, Renaissance Capital finds.
A trader holds his head as he reads a note on the derivative market at the Paris stock exchange, October 28. The French blue-chip share index fell by more than 9 percent which is the second biggest one-day fall since 1987 Black Monday.

Something odd is happening to one of the most attractive trades of 2017

There's a slowdown in the emerging-markets carry trade.
Perhaps this investor in China is smiling because he knows his country's stock market has great upside potential?

BANK OF AMERICA: One area of the stock market could double in the next 2 years

Bank of America says emerging-market equities, the hottest area of the global stock market this year, could double in the next two years.

These 17 stocks have the highest exposure to emerging markets

HSBC released its list of US stocks with the highest exposure to emerging markets.

One group of companies has emerged as the clear winner of this earnings season

Companies that derive most of their revenues outside the US are returning more profits and sales growth than their US-heavy peers.

Some of the biggest names on Wall Street all love the same stock market

India's stock market is the best performing in 2017 among major markets.

The pressure is building in South Africa

South Africa has a lot of problems and the growing political crisis is not going to help.