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Donald Trump.

2 state attorneys general were able to get further than anyone else in a specific lawsuit against Trump — and they could uncover his tax returns...

Two state attorneys general were able to do what no other parties who sued President Donald Trump over an abscure part of the Constitution could.
Paul LePage.

One of the nation’s most controversial governors finds himself as a key figure in an unprecedented lawsuit against Trump

Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage finds himself as a key figure in an unprecedented lawsuit President Donald Trump is facing.
Donald Trump.

A federal judge just dealt Trump an unprecedented setback in a lawsuit alleging he’s violating the Constitution

A federal judge just ruled that a pair of attorneys general have legal standing to sue President Donald Trump over claims that he's violating the Constitution.
President Donald Trump speaks to the media after the Congressional Republican Leadership retreat

Democrats call for Trump Organization subpoena as part of ‘serious investigation’ into Trump conflicts of interest

House Oversight Committee Democrats sent a letter to the committee's Republican chairman on Thursday requesting documents on the Trump Organization.

Neil Gorsuch gave a speech at the Trump International Hotel — and it sparked an uproar

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch sparked an uproar by speaking at an event in a Trump hotel, in which the president still holds a financial stake.

‘A cognitive dissonance that I could not overcome’: The DOJ corporate fraud watchdog says she resigned because of Trump

Covering ethics compliance while working under the Trump administration felt "hypocritical," Hui Chen wrote.

Justice Department argues it’s fine for Trump to take payments from foreign governments, citing George Washington

The DOJ argued Friday that Trump isn't violating the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments at his litany of Trump Organization businesses.