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LeBron James, athlete and advocate.

California just legalized college athlete pay — with the help of LeBron James. Here’s how the NBA icon became one of America’s most ...

James is a champion advocate for college athlete pay, player-driven media, and the long fight of player empowerment.
The minimum-wage hike in New York hasn't impacted jobs yet.

The Fed just confirmed raising the minimum wage doesn’t immediately kill jobs

This is the latest report to find that fears of the $15 minimum wage leading to a restaurant apocalypse could be misplaced.
These jobs can't go back to the future.

20 jobs popular in the 1980s that have almost disappeared

America and its economy have changed a lot since the '80s. These jobs are a big example of that change.
Janitors will benefit from California's new Assembly Bill 5.

California’s gig economy bill won’t just impact Uber drivers. Here’s how the landmark decision is a major win for janitors, truck dr...

US companies have been contracting out work to contractors for decades, leading to greater workplace safety violations and cutting employee benefits.

The latest jobs report is one of 6 key economic statistics. Here’s what each of them signal, and how often they’re released.

Government metrics are among the most dependable indicators available, but surveys from credible institutions also give valuable economic insight.
The top ten most valuable college majors are in the business, science, and math fields.

The 25 most valuable college majors

The most valuable college majors have a high guarantee of employment and a decent salary — the top 10 were all in the STEM fields.

The US labor force is bigger than ever. Here are the 5 industries that posted the fastest job growth in July.

All five of the industries with the most job growth in July feature lower wages than the national average.

The US has added jobs for a record 105 straight months. But a commonly overlooked measure paints a far less rosy picture of the labor market.

The labor force participation rate sheds light on the degree to which Americans have given up on looking for work.

Singapore’s the most popular location for job seekers in Asia but locals aren’t keen on working abroad themselves: Report

According to the report, Singapore is more popular than other major markets including mainland China, Europe and North America.
The US offers few protections for its workers.

7 mind-blowing facts that show why employment in the US is the worst in the developed world

The US does not require that companies give breaks for lunch or coffee. Italy and China, meanwhile, offer 2 hours of lunch break.