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Cockroaches will probably outlive us all.

5 animals that could survive the apocalypse

From cockroaches to mud minnows, these creatures will certainly outlive humans once the end of the world is upon us.
Apocalypse enthusiasts await the end of the world in 2012.

7 times people thought the world was going to end

From a comet in 1910 to Y2K, here are seven times that theories about the world ending became the subject of public fascination.

The sun will destroy Earth a lot sooner than you might think

Even if Earth spends the rest of its eons escaping aliens, dodging space rocks, and avoiding nuclear apocalypse, the day when our own sun destroys us will come.

JIM GRANT: Gold isn’t a hedge on chaos — it’s an investment in chaos

Jim Grant, one of the most respected market commentators, thinks that gold isn't a hedge but an investment in chaos.

Globalization could be doomed — here’s a chilling preview of what that world could look like

Robots warring thousands of miles away from their controller and obese citizens who has never left their country.