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CapitaLand is putting over 20,000 solar panels on 6 of its buildings – that’s enough power for 2,300 HDB flats a year

The combined solar panel facility could be the largest of its kind in Singapore by a real estate company.

Bitcoin’s wild volatility could soon start shaping other markets

Bitcoin would have a growing impact on energy markets, particularly coal, Nomura says.

This incredible fact should get you psyched about solar power — no matter what Trump does

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday to dismantle Obama's environmental legacy, flanked by coal miners, whom he pledged to put back to work.

The best and worst countries in the world when it comes to air pollution and electricity use

Global rankings show how China, the US, and other countries stack up when it comes to air quality, energy use, and renewables.

‘We are going to remember it at the polls’: Outcry about fuel price hikes may be trouble for Mexico’s government

“[Peña Nieto] said that with the energy reform there would be no more gasolinazos and that is a lie, but we are going to remember it," said one protestor.

Mexico’s soaring gas prices have angered citizens — and the backlash has been fierce

The Mexican president and his party are getting withering criticism in the face of looming gas price increases, and a major cartel has chimed in.

16 photos that show the dirty way the world gets an important energy source

Coal use has fallen in the US, but it remains in high demand elsewhere in the world.

The dirty reason China can’t always tell North Korea what to do

"But can China actually try to exercise that influence without destabilizing the regime? Probably not."